Enterprise Solution

CaringWays addresses both the cost and funding challenges of providing mental healthcare at scale. CaringWays partners with a network of 400+ providers that offer discounts for qualified patients, creates innovative strategic partnerships that expand access to care, and offers a crowdfunding tool that gives donors confidence to contribute to mental treatment for patients in need.

Strategic Focus

Current priorities include deploying a B2C crowdfunding platform with enhanced features, creating more influencer-based content to reduce stigma, and partnering with institutions to increase platform donations.

Impact Opportunty

An impact investment could accelerate CaringWay’s work in areas of strategic focus. There may be a unique opportunity to create impact at scale through a Series B round. This could help position CaringWays to be the market leader in mental health crowdfunding and provide $100 million in annual mental health funding to communities by 2026.

Founding Story

CaringWays’ entire founding team has a personal connection to long, costly medical journeys and understand the resulting stress and uncertainty these can cause. Given their prior success building a company partnering with 250+ hospitals and healthcare facilities around the country, they became a trusted advisor and often heard about the need for a crowdfunding platform which provided sufficient levels of trust and assurance to donors, patients, and providers who needed to ensure all raised funds go directly to the cost of treatment.

Wes Sellers, CEO & Founder

Kristi Morrow, President & Founder