Enterprise Solution

Courageous Healing has created a safe and dedicated space where clients can receive mental health support from staff with similar and shared life experiences – particularly racism, discrimination, and inequities. Its an outpatient practice in Fort Wayne, IN, designed to accommodate clients experiencing disruptions in their ability to function daily. Through talk therapy, Courageous Healing's staff helps clients identify issues that cause emotional distress to improve their quality of life.

Strategic Focus

Courageous Healing is growing fast. To sustain growth while maintaining high-quality service, management is getting ready to expand the team. The company also aims to expanding its services across the state of Indiana starting in Indianapolis and South Bend.

Impact Opportunty

Impact investors could partner with Courageous Healing by providing unrestricted grants. Grant funds will support Courageous Healing's clinical program, supportive services, and overall mission to make culturally centered, trauma-informed mental health services accessible to everyone.

Founding Story

As mental health professionals of color in Fort Wayne, Janell and Aaron saw the urgent need for culturally competent mental health services in the city - services designed for people of color and, specifically, the Southeast neighborhoods where our co-founders grew up. So, they did not shy away from being a part of needed change. Courageous Healing operated virtually for its first year as it met pressing needs Aaron and Janell saw in the community. On May 15, 2021 at 2013 South Anthony Blvd. in Fort Wayne, IN, a physical location opened to give communities of color a space to heal and thrive. Courageous Healing’s team continuously strives to align services with the challenges BIPOC community members experience and meet clients where they are at.

Aaron Lane, MSOL, MSW, Janell M. Lane, MA, LMHC, Co-Founder & CEOs