Indiana Mental Health Ecosystem

The Indiana Mental Health Roundtable has formed a partnership with MetaCX to build the nation’s first digital ecosystem tool to improve behavioral health. Simply put, this tool will enable the mental health system to begin operating like…a system. It will drive partnership, reduce redundancy, help those seeking help navigate the service offerings and measure outcomes.

How it works

The MetaCX multi-sector platform connects hospitals, community health centers, therapists, nonprofits, churches, law enforcement and all other stakeholders in a neutral, trusted network to align on shared objectives and measure value realization.

Individual organizations are invited to collaborate with the Indiana Mental Health Roundtable on initiatives to support their unique responsibilities and efforts to reach new levels of coordination across the ecosystem.  This is accomplished through a technology that offers private, secure space for each organization with full autonomy to connect with other organizations for shared initiatives.  MetaCX then transforms this data into real-time, comprehensive snapshots into collective impact.

The Indiana Mental Health Roundtable ecosystem map is under development and will be available during the first quarter of 2023.


National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI Indiana aims to connect Hoosiers seeking help with appropriate local and nationwide services and support. Click below to browse NAMI Indiana's resource database.