NewDay Treatment Center

NewDay provides treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse disorder. It is the only provider in Indiana that accepts Medicaid, provides medical treatment for substance abuse, and does so from a Christian worldview. Further, NewDay’s residential program is conducted in a homestyle environment. Smaller groups of people are served at a time, allowing for more personalized care.


CHRP offers a groundbreaking emotional assessment tool as a SaaS solution to enterprises. This patent-pending technology harnesses AI, music, and mental health analytics to give leadership a clear picture of their company’s emotional climate. The insights that CHRP provides gives employers not only the opportunity to hear but the opportunity to respond. Happier employees lead to healthier organizations and stronger bottom-line results.


NESTRE is an innovative company with two divisions. Its Health & Performance division leverages neuroscience and AI/Machine Learning technology to personalize how people get better, feel better, and perform better, through  in-person training and the NESTRE App. The Neuro-Strength division applies today’s science and a proprietary training methodology to help people reach their full potential through neuroplasticity.

Peak Mind

Peak Mind makes the working world more resilient to stress. Its technology-enabled service lets employers offer employees a way to interrupt the cycle of stress. Peak Mind provides easy and effective coping skills and techniques that are varied enough to mitigate the myriad stressors people face. Peak Mind’s approach ensures every employee’s unique needs can be met.


Paraclete connects employees to Guides who can have on-demand, confidential conversations about work, life, and everything in between. They help people understand that they need to find a way to integrate their lives if they want to live a full healthy life. Paraclete also produces weekly content that helps people understand their journey and how to keep taking daily steps towards integration.

NESTRE Health & Performance

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