Enterprise Solution

NESTRE is an innovative company with two divisions. Its Health & Performance division leverages neuroscience and AI/Machine Learning technology to personalize how people get better, feel better, and perform better, through our in-person training and the NESTRE App. The Neuro-Strength division applies today’s science and a proprietary training methodology to help people reach their full potential in brain health, mental wellness, and human performance through neuroplasticity.

Strategic Focus

The current top priorities for management are opening four to six on-site Neuro Room Centers and purchasing or leasing buildings for two stand-alone Neuro Room facilities.

Impact Opportunty

Investment from impact-minded investors would accelerate NESTRE’s geographic expansion and allow the company to source world-class talent to staff its new Neuro Room Centers and other facilities.

Founding Story

NESTRE Health & Performance was founded in Orlando, FL, in 2018 by Dr. Tommy Shavers and later joined by co-founder and Chief Innovative Health & Performance Officer, Julius Thomas. Dr. Shavers created a model of self-recovery and successfully healed himself from decade-long mental and cognitive impairment and decline after suffering career-ending concussions as a collegiate football player. Once he achieved what doctors deemed impossible, he aimed to create an efficient and scalable model to help others get better in the areas of brain health, mental wellness, and human performance.

Dr. Tommy Shavers. Founder and CEO

Julius Thomas, Co-Founder & CHPIO

Elkhonon Goldberg, Chief Scientific Officer