Enterprise Solution

NewDay provides treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse disorder. It is the only provider in Indiana that accepts Medicaid, provides medical treatment for substance abuse, and does so from a Christian worldview. Further, NewDay’s residential program is conducted in a homestyle environment. Smaller groups of people are served at a time, allowing for more personalized care.

Strategic Focus

At present NewDay is focused on reaching more patients who are employed or have families. NewDay’s long-term vision is to replicate its unique offering across the nation.

Impact Opportunty

An impact investment could enable NewDay to establish new sites within 6 to 9 months (depending on the regulations within the state). During that time, key hires would be made and a patient referral network would be established. An investment of $750K-$1M could facilitate such an expansion, and the new site would become profitable within its first year of operation due to NewDay’s experience and expertise.

Founding Story

NewDay began as a pastoral counseling organization, providing Christian counseling to individuals and families struggling with substance abuse. Dan Johnson, NewDay’s founder, provided counseling and many churches referred their members to him. After recognizing the growing need in the field, Dan met and began working with Jim Jay to raise capital and expand into a fully licensed, accredited organization that accepted insurance and provided both inpatient and outpatient services. Jim Jay serves as Executive Chairman and Dan Johnson serves as CEO.

Dan Johnson, Founder & CEO

Jim Jay, Executive Chairman