Enterprise Solution

Peak Mind makes the working world more resilient to stress. Its technology-enabled service lets employers offer employees a way to interrupt the cycle of stress. Peak Mind provides easy and effective coping skills and techniques that are varied enough to mitigate the myriad stressors people face. Peak Mind’s approach ensures every employee’s unique needs can be met.

Strategic Focus

Peak Mind’s management is building a sales team that will expand the business across the United States. At the same time, it is doubling down on its investment in superior technology that stays current with the ever-changing business environment and can scale with the company’s growth.

Impact Opportunty

Support from impact investors could accelerate Peak Mind’s growth as it scales its offering nationally. Management forecasts achieving approximately $500k ARR in 12 months and $1.9M ARR within 24 months. Peak Mind is a certified WBE and in the State of Indiana qualifies for 30% tax incentives via the VCI Tax Credit.

Founding Story

Dr. Mckoy has spent the last 8+ years on research and development into human neuropsychology and has led companies for 18+ years. Her experience with burnout and a burnt-out staff led her to develop this product to improve workplace mental well-being for all Americans. Since its creation in January 2020, Peak Mind has been catching national attention for providing companies with tools to help employees reduce stress and prioritize their own mental well-being.

Dr. Alicia E. Mckoy, Ph.D., CCWS, Founder & CEO